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Steve Bonasia is a chef by trade, working in Culinary Sales for one of the nation’s leading poultry companies.  His focus is primarily on National Accounts including many of the popular restaurant chains we eat at every day.  Bonasia spent nine years as a Corporate Chef within the highly competitive world of Corporate Research and Development.  In 2004, he left the world of restaurant line cooking and catering and now spends his time researching what and how people eat, working to develop and sell exciting new products for many of the nation’s leading restaurant chains.


His passion for cooking and true love of eating, combined with his constant whimsical attitude inspired him to write this latest children’s book, “Dominic and the Secret Ingredient.”  His passion and curiosity about food wasn’t the only inspiration for this book, rather it was his own struggles as a child with anxiety that made him want to share his story to reach out to children and adults who may have be dealing with the same issue.  Surrounded by great cooks while growing up in Italian family, he never missed an opportunity to learn about new ingredients and the care it took to make dishes and meals turn out to be something special.  It was his cooking that gave him a confidence level he needed to overcome this struggle with anxiety.  It was the Saturday mornings watching the original cooking shows on PBS with his grandparents that gave him the most comfort and its those memories he values the most.


Bonasia, a New Jersey native, called the Garden State home for over 20 years.  After earning a degree in Food and Nutrition with a minor in Journalism from Montclair State University in New Jersey, he then went on to the acclaimed International Culinary Center, formerly the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan.  He worked in a brief externship at Tribeca’s Montrachet Restaurant and throughout restaurants and catering establishments in New Jersey before taking on a catering company of his own until 2004.


Steve Bonasia has done cooking demonstrations and interviews on Good Day Houston, Fox Phoenix’s Morning Show and WLBT’s Midday Mississippi in Jackson.  He can also be seen on where he breaks down chicken recipes for the home cook as the company’s corporate chef.  “Dominic and the Secret Ingredient” is Bonasia’s first published book and he has already started working on the next book in the series as well as putting plans in motion to create an animated series based around his character to teach kids that cooking can be the basis for solving many challenges they may encounter in life.


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Dominic found comfort in food and cooking to take on a new adventure,  and is part of this funomenon that is food…


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